Apple pushed the watchOS 8.4 developer preview Beta update (build number: 19S5525f) to Apple Watch users. This update has been two weeks after the last release. 

Moreover, the watchOS 8 system brings a redesigned breathing app, as well as a new portrait dial, information app, and photo app. The watchOS 8 runs on all Apple Watch models that support watchOS 7.

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On December 14, mobile ECG atrial fibrillation reminder software and mobile pulse rate atrial fibrillation reminder software have been launched with watchOS 8.3 and iOS 15.2.

Furthermore, users can download the watchOS 8 Beta description file through the  App-Discover-Apple Profile, and download and update watchOS 8.4 Beta through the Apple Watch app on the iPhone.


At present, the specific update content of the watchOS 8.4 developer preview Beta is unclear. Users who install the update need to make sure that the Apple Watch is charging and within the communication range of the iPhone connected to the wireless LAN.



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