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Microsoft Windows10 WSL supports Linux GUI graphical interface software

Microsoft published a blog on the 21st, announcing that it will bring a major update to the Win10 WSL Linux subsystem, and will support the GUI graphical interface software running the Linux version. Officially, this feature is called WSLg.

Microsoft said that WSLg supports running various mainstream Linux GUI software, such as gedit text editor, TestCafe Studio test software, etc.

At the same time, WSLg also supports audio and microphone input and output, so some Linux version audio software can also be used.

Moreover, the most worth mentioning is that WSLg supports GPU acceleration, and the official demonstration runs at 60fps in Gazebo 3D software.

Besides, that WSLg has been supported in the preview version of Win10 21364 and above. If you have already installed WSL, just enter WSL -Update to update to WSLg.


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