On April 23, Apple released the first beta version of the new iOS and iPadOS 14.6 updates to developers for testing purposes.

The release time of the new software coincides with Apple’s plan to release iOS 14.5 next week. Before the official version.


This update has a hidden change, that is, users can skip the Beta developer preview update and directly update to the RC quasi-official version.

IT Home understands that in the current iOS/iPadOS version, if a user uses the Beta version, even if a new RC version appears, the user still has to update with the Beta version. If you want to switch to the RC version, you must delete the Beta description file, and then install the RC description file.

Apple has improved the updated design in the iOS/iPadOS 14.6 version so that users who do not want to continue to use the Beta version can directly switch to the RC version seamlessly.



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