BYD’s DiLink mobile gaming hall unveiled with Migu Quick Tour

At the 19th Shanghai International Auto Show held from April 19th to 28th, BYD DiLink equipped with Migu Quick Tour made its debut at the BYD booth.

DiLink mobile game hall is furnished with a super game library customized by Migu Kuaiyou. Migu Kuaiyou is a cloud gaming platform owned by China Mobile.


It has hundreds of 3A consoles, PC masterpieces, high-quality mobile games, and other boutique games. You don’t need to download, click and play.

“The King of Fighters 14”, “Soul Samurai: Akatsuki”, “Samurai Zero”, “Escaper 2”.These high-quality games with both popularity and reputation, which are exciting and exciting, can all be played in the DiLink game cockpit in the future.

BYD’s DiLink intelligent network connection system is an intelligent network system independently developed by BYD based on the latest technologies like mobile internet, intelligent AI, voice recognition, car networking, and big data.

In 2020, BYD officially launched the BYD DiLink3.0 system. The official said that DiLink3.0 adopts a new DiUI platform and a dynamic HMI interface design that greatly enhances the sense of technology.

The icon design is streamlined and flexible, and the built-in nearly 30 personalized themes can satisfy The aesthetic requirements of different users.


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