Microsoft announced in its official development blog yesterday that it will release the first preview version of Visual Studio 2022 this summer. The 2022 version will be faster, easier to use, and lighter, designed for learners and those who create industrial-scale solutions.

At the same time, Visual Studio has finally become 64-bit, and the user experience will be more complete.

Microsoft said that the 64-bit version of Visual Studio will no longer be troubled by memory limitations, the main devenv.exe process will no longer be limited to 4GB, and users can open, edit, run and debug the largest and most complex solutions.

Visual Studio 2022 will also include:

  • Performance improvements in the core debugger.
  • UI updates are designed to reduce complexity, which will increase integration with Accessibility Insights. The icons are updated and support for Cascadia Code is added, which is a new fixed-width font that can improve readability.
  • With support for .NET 6, both Windows and Mac developers can use it to build web, client, and mobile applications, and provide better support for developing Azure applications.
  • More powerful code prediction capabilities.
  • Strong support for C++ workloads, including new productivity features, C++20 tools, and IntelliSense. It also integrates support for CMake, Linux, and WSL, making it easier for users to create, edit, build and debug cross-platform applications.
  • Integrate text chat into the Live Share collaboration function.
  • Support Git and GitHub.
  • Improve code search function.
  • Visual Studio for Mac will migrate to the native macOS UI, with better performance and reliability.

Moreover, this summer’s preview version will only include some of the features that will be released, and other features will appear in subsequent updates.



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