Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. published an invention patent entitled “Control Method, Device and System Based on Air Gesture”, with publication number CN112639689A, application The date is April 2020.

According to the patent abstract of the company, the embodiments of this application provide a control method, device, and system based on air gestures, which relate to the technical field of automatic driving. When the user makes an air gesture within the shooting range of the camera, the camera collects the air gesture.

After the terminal device recognizes the target function corresponding to the clearance gesture, it continuously adjusts the target function corresponding to the clearance gesture according to the holding time and movement distance of the clearance gesture within the shooting range.

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In addition, for smart cockpit co-pilots or rear-seat users, the target function can be accurately adjusted through remote air gesture input, without the need to get up and adjust the target function by touching, etc., which greatly improves the convenience and user experience.


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