Huawei that Suzhou Mobile and Huawei recently conducted a 5G indoor positioning capability verification in the Suzhou Metro. With the hidden deployment of the base station pRRU, 90% of the area within the subway platform and the station hall has been realized.

This is also the first live network verification of the 5G indoor positioning function in the world. Suzhou Mobile adopted Huawei’s 5G LampSite+MEC indoor positioning solution for the first time in the subway scene.

According to reports, in this solution, LampSite measures the wireless signal characteristic parameters of the 5G terminal and uses a positioning algorithm to estimate the geographic location of the terminal through the collaboration of LampSite and MEC.

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Huawei said that compared with other traditional indoor positioning technologies, the advantage of operators deploying 5G indoor positioning technology is to build a network that meets 5G communication + positioning capabilities at the same time, to achieve dual use of one network, and to open positioning capabilities to upper layers through MEC. application.


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