iQiyi and HUAWEI HiAI collaborated to add enhanced image quality features on mobile phone side

As per the Huawei Developers Alliance, in the latest version of iQiyi V12.1.5, iQiyi and HUAWEI HiAI have collaborated to add magnified picture quality features on the mobile phone side.

This function uses the ZoomAI super-resolution algorithm developed by iQiyi that can enhance the image quality of low-resolution videos on the end side, and make low-quality videos clearer.

Experience steps:

  • Click on the video you want to watch on iQiyi→click ‘HD’ in the lower right corner→turn on the ‘Enhanced Quality’ switch at the bottom.
  • After turning on the ‘Enhance Image Quality’ switch, the video has been significantly improved in terms of image details and color effects.

Based on the iQiyi ZoomAI intelligent super-segment algorithm, it highlights the details and textures in the video image, suppresses aliasing and noise, and works with the effect of the color increase algorithm to complete the real-time image quality enhancement.

Processing of the video without affecting the frame rate at all, so that the image quality, it becomes clearer and the overall picture of the video is more refined.

Along with this, because this function is deployed on the end side, it can quickly convert low-quality video into clear-quality video in a poor network environment.

Currently, iQiyi’s enhanced image quality function has been deployed to more than 30 Huawei NPU models including Huawei nova 6 series, nova 7 series, Mate 30 series, P40 series, Mate 40 series, and more Huawei NPU devices Type deployment is also underway.


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