Realme Vice President, President of China, President of Global Marketing Xu Qi continued to do a  promotion for the Realme GT today. Following the publicity of the ‘Galaxy Battleship’ yesterday, today he leaked the aircraft’s God of War Special Edition-Dawn.

According to reports, this color scheme is a new work of Realme trendy design. The design is inspired by classic GT models. It utilizes a very personalized black and yellow contrast color. The camera matrix extends downwards infinitely. It pays tribute to the classic bionic design of tear-stained headlights.

The aerodynamic car waistline middle frame and the black tear marks map the texture of the track. In addition, he also said that the device has also made major breakthroughs in technology.

This model was developed by the Realme design team for 9 months. It introduced the splicing process of plain leather and used the integrated PC spraying process to ensure the delicate texture and texture of plain leather. While soft hand feeling, the two materials are tightly stitched together.

In addition, Realme also officially declared the new official spokesperson Yang Mi, then declared the pre-video, which also shows the new device Realme GT, and hinted Xiaolong aircraft equipped with 888 chips, the ‘Galacticos’ appearance, is supposed to have with GT Certainly cooperate.

Realme GT has declared March 4 officially released, the main chip, refresh rate, super fast charge three areas, but there is news that the fast-charge support 125W Pro version not being released, that is, It is said that only the basic version of 65W fast charging has appeared.

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the certified new device Realme GT 5G, its model is RMX2202, and the ID photo shows that the device uses a straight screen design with a hole in the upper left corner.

In addition, a mobile phone code-named ‘RMX2202’ has also passed the national 3C certification, showing that it is equipped with a 65W fast charging head.



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