Previously, Huawei Cyberverse chief engineer Luo Wei declared on Weibo that Huawei Hetu will simultaneously launch the heroes in ‘Glory of the King’ during the Spring Festival in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen.

Today, Huawei’s AR Map officially launched a new version, adding Beijing Fang, Shanghai Bund, Shenzhen Vientiane World King Glory theme AR digital content experience and lottery activities, also supports the call of King Glory heroes everywhere, you can take images and share with the heroes.

The following are the new features of Huawei AR Maps:

  1. Added AR digital content experiences and lucky draws with the theme of Glory of Kings in Beijing Fang, Shanghai Bund, and Shenzhen Vientiane World.
  2. Added support for summoning heroes of the King’s Glory everywhere, you can take photos with the heroes and share them.
  3. Users can post New Year’s greetings fireworks in the service area, and post messages on the streamer curtain wall.
  4. Increase the model support of MatePad Pro.

The picture that the heroes of the King’s Glory include Li Bai, Cheng Yaojin, Di Renjie, Gongsun Li, Shangguan Wan’er, and so on. In addition, it also includes other scenes of the Glory of the King never night in Changan.

According to the official introduction, Huawei’s AR map is based on Huawei’s Cyberverse technology, and is committed to creating an ‘earth-class, evolving, and seamlessly integrated digital new world’. Here, the boundary between the digital virtual world and the real world is lost.

The entire real world becomes an information display panel. Various real-time information is superimposed and displayed in your current real environment, allowing you to easily find the legendary Internet celebrity. The entire real world becomes a paradise where you can play, and the real world is the birthplace of your endless fun.



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