OPPO Find X3 camera performance is comparable to that of a microscope: Rear camera with ring fill light

Previously, a model of OPPO brand model PEEM00 appeared on the website and achieved a score of over 770,000 points, and the latest news about OPPO Find X3.

Before, there was already information about the appearance and configuration of this new phone on the Internet. On January 7, the new camera performance of this phone was leaked, and its performance was comparable to that of a microscope.

According to the report, the super macro of OPPO’s new mobile phone is indeed strong. The module of OPPO, with a ring flash around the lens, simulates a real microscope, and the magnification is much higher than that of existing mobile phones.

It’s easy to take pictures of pixels. In this way, the macro shooting capability of this new machine is very strong, which may be better than the existing models on the market.

In the current mobile phone market, there are also some models with good macro shooting capabilities. For example, some models in the Redmi K30 series that was unveiled last year and the Xiaomi Mi 11 released not long ago all have good macro shooting performance.

For users, these models that can take very good macro photos are still attractive. Macro photography works can dig out the special meaning from the angle that others can’t see. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why consumers now start to pay attention to the macro photography ability of mobile phones.


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