The official Weibo account of Honor has released a new poster of its upcoming new Honor Smart Screen X1 series. The poster suggests that the size of the new product has expanded to 75 inches, and the product positioning is bigger, more beautiful, and smarter.

Combined with the previous market performance of the Honor Smart Screen X1 series, it is not difficult to guess that the new Honor Smart Screen X1 series, in addition to the larger size, maybe more “beautiful” in appearance design, and will usher in a new upgrade in smart functions.

In addition, we have also noticed that this product has already opened an appointment on the e-commerce platform before, and many users have begun to make appointments first.

Looking back on the previous product line, the Honor Smart Screen is currently divided into the standard version, the Pro version, and the X1 series, and the size is mainly focused on 50/55/65 inches. And this time, the new Honor Smart Screen X1 series is further explored in size, and the motivation behind it has to trigger user associations.

Especially at this key node where New Honor separates from Huawei and develops independently, every move of New Honor products hints at future product layout plans. The launch of the 75-inch Honor Smart Screen X1 series may mean that Honor will usher in an upgrade of the entire product line, which will further promote the formation of an integrated product ecosystem.

From the perspective of the large-screen industry, New Honor also urgently needs to deploy large-size segment products.

According to AVC, “The color TV industry will continue to grow in size in 2021, and the market share of 65-inch and 75-inch products will continue to grow, which is expected to grow by 2.6% and 1.8% respectively; the average size of China’s color TV market will increase in 2021. To 53.1 inches, an increase of 1.9 inches compared with 2020, the speed of the process of large-size is accelerated.”

Under this trend, users will inevitably seek large-screen products to upgrade their lives, and Honor’s entry into the large-screen market at this time will help consolidate the road to the layout of the three-dimensional product ecology. Moreover, the independence of the new Honor also brings a broader space for development. In the face of brand upgrades and industry development, the Honor of the wisdom screen has further motivation to explore.

At present, the official has not exposed more details of the Honor Smart Screen X1 75-inch, but from industry and strategic perspective, the Honor Smart Screen X1 75-inch will inevitably bring further experience upgrades, so we can expect this new product to bring us more surprise.

It is worth noting that earlier media broke the news that Honor is about to release V40, also focusing on experience upgrades. Combined with the official announcement, we can speculate that these two new products may be released at the same time.

Many manufacturers have released new products recently, and Honor’s new product launch conference may also be coming soon. What excitement will the new Honor bring to us? We will wait and see.



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