Nvidia released the GeForce Game Ready 460.89 WHQL driver update, which added Vulkan ray tracing to the game “Thor’s Hammer II”. But after this version of the driver was updated, NVIDIA received a large number of feedback from players, indicating that there were many bugs. These bugs were not discovered in the game “Quaker II”, but errors that appeared on many other devices.

For this reason, Nvidia urgently released the GeForce Hotfix Driver Version 460.97 hot update on December 18. This update cannot be downloaded from the regular driver page, you need to open a specific web page to download it. According to the description, this update is based on the Game Ready Driver 460.89 version and fixes the following issues:

  • Some programs cannot detect GPU when using the NVML function
  • Fixed a possible lag in the game “Marvel-Avengers”
  • Lenovo Y740 notebook may display a crash message after waking up from sleep
  • When some notebooks are connected to external display devices through docking stations and adapters, they will have a blue screen if they wake up from sleep
  • When the HDR function is turned on, the black display is incorrect

Nvidia said, “This hot update is a measure we have taken to deal with some errors as soon as possible. This driver is basically the same as the previous version with a few additional fixes. This fix is ​​based on user feedback and aims to solve these problems as soon as possible. , These fixes will be incorporated into the next official driver update, at which time this hot update will be closed.”


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