Recently, China Telecom and China Unicom’s 2020 5G messaging platform (RCS) construction project joint centralized procurement project restarted bidding.

Last month, the 5G messaging platform (RCS) construction project jointly purchased by China Telecom and China Unicom decided to terminate this centralized pre-qualification because there were fewer than 3 potential applicants and did not meet the statutory bid opening conditions.

According to this first procurement announcement, this project adopts NFV to centrally build a 5G message system, which includes a 5G message centers, DM, ENUM/DNS, Internet authorized DNS, virtualization layer software, etc. to realize user messages processing.

The project is to be purchased. The short message module processing capacity of China Telecom and China Unicom’s 5G messaging system is about 495,600 messages per second, the user capacity of the message module is about 60 million, and the virtualization layer software is 3000 CPU.

The re-purchasing of the 5G messaging platform (RCS) project this time has decreased compared with the scale of the first purchase. This time, China Telecom and China Unicom plan to purchase a 5G messaging system with a total processing capacity of approximately 421,300 SMS modules per second, a total of approximately 51 million users of messaging modules, and a virtualization layer software of 2550 CPU.

Some online users in Jiayuan broke the news that the last time the ITU 5G messaging platform failed to bid, the main reason was that the bid limit set by the ITU was too low (or even lower than the cost price), resulting in fewer than 3 companies participating in the bidding. This time the procurement scale has been reduced, and it is unknown whether the bid limit price has risen.