Samsung Pay is now online Xiaoxiangtong (transportation combined card), and it supports payment by turning off the card.

During the event, the card activation fee is suspended, but some users in the Galaxy community reported that some models still require card activation fees, such as the Galaxy S20.

the “Xiaoxiang Card” for the Couch Traveling City Card. Changsha citizens who hold this card can easily take Changsha buses and subways to realize the card. At present, in addition to Samsung, Huawei, OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi, etc. have launched Xiaoxiang card support. Apple Pay also officially launched the Changsha Xiaoxiang card in September this year.

Similar to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay supports multiple payment methods such as bank cards, transportation cards, QR codes, and smart door cards.

Whether the user’s mobile phone is in the state of black screen, locked screen or home screen, or even in the state of playing games, watching the news, etc., just hold the mobile phone close to the card reader of the transportation device to complete the swipe.


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