After 3 months of its launch, iOS 14 currently runs on 81% of iPhones : Apple

Apple has updated its developer page for the first time since iOS 14 was released in September, which includes application information updated this year. Apple’s latest data shows that 81% of the iPhones launched in the past four years have iOS 14 installed.

Apple’s iOS and iPadOS data are based on devices that access the App Store. Apple said that this latest set of data was measured on December 15.

Of the devices launched in the past four years, another 17% are running iOS 13, and 2% are running an earlier version of iOS. Apple said that it will extend the scope to all devices, 72% of the devices run iOS 14, 18% of the devices run iOS 13, and the remaining 10% use an earlier version of the operating system.

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For iPad, 75% of all devices launched in the past four years are using iPadOS 14, 22% are using iPadOS 13, and 3% are using earlier versions. Extending the scope to all iPad devices, 61% run iPadOS 14, 21% run iPadOS 13, and the other 18% run earlier versions.

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