OnePlus Nord Watch packaging box appeared

OnePlus India officially announced that it will release the OnePlus Nord Watch. Although the OnePlus Nord Watch has not been officially released, some users have revealed the packaging box of the OnePlus Nord Watch.

According to, the source Ishan Agarwal has revealed the packaging of the OnePlus Nord Watch. As can be seen from the picture, the OnePlus Nord Watch model is OPBBE221, which is exported from China to India.


The OnePlus Nord Watch smartwatch will be equipped with more than 100 dials, support 105 sports modes, and use a 1.78-inch AMOLED screen.

OnePlus Nord Watch packaging It weighs 54 grams and measures 4.52 X 3.72 X 1.04 cm. In terms of price, the box shows that the OnePlus Nord Watch smartwatch is priced at 6,999 Indian rupees, but the sources believe that the actual price of the watch should be lower than the list price, which is expected to be 5,999 Indian rupees.

The source had previously revealed black and blue renderings of the OnePlus Nord Watch. Among them, the blue version of the OnePlus Nord Watch is pure blue, only the screen frame is black, and the visual impact is strong. At the same time, the strap of the OnePlus Nord Watch has a striped pattern, which adds a sense of design.

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