Amazon reform plan supported by EU antitrust commission

EU antitrust

According to reports, EU Antitrust Commissioner Margaret Vestager said in a speech in the United States last Friday that Amazon’s response to two EU antitrust investigation solutions helps address concerns, but may require further adaptation. Is.


Vestager said the European Commission has begun to assess the industry’s response to Amazon’s approach, including how it uses non-public data on the platform’s sellers and what it calls the “golden cart” of sellers. And says “Golden Cart”. Allows you to join programs like Prime.

It appears that it is about to reverse the promise made by Amazon and potentially change the business model where Amazon serves as both a platform and a self-powered retailer. But we haven’t done that yet,” she said. The European Commission is “evaluating” the response, “some of these comments point to potential improvements in a number of areas.

EU antitrust

Amazon’s proposed agreement promises to stop using independent sellers’ data on the platform in its own retail business and to treat all sellers equally when sorting items in a “golden shopping cart.”

Earlier this month, several civil society groups and NGOs urged the European Commission to reject Amazon’s proposal, calling Amazon’s own proposed reforms “weak, vague and full of flaws”. He said in the email that the European Commission should “continue to aggressively take antitrust action against Amazon, proposing corrective and punitive measures as needed (on the Commission’s own terms).

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