Future MacBook-like device that takes on Glass form factor: Apple’s new patent

According to Patently Apple reports, today the US Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple a new patent, the patent relates to a future MacBook or MacBook-like device, the device as a whole uses Glass shape structure, and the glass sheet in the keyboard area can be deformed for a better typing experience.


According to the patent, the device has a glass structure as a whole, and the glass on the keyboard is reinforced glass with a thickness of about 40 microns or less. Due to the thinness and flexibility of the glass, when the force of the keys is applied to the glass sheet during typing, the glass sheet will be deformed under this force, while the part of the keyboard that is not subjected to force will not be deformed or deformed very little.

The localized deformation of the thin glass can provide a more comfortable typing experience compared to thicker or less flexible glass because the user can feel the depression similar to a traditional keyboard.

Moreover, in the final keyboard cross-section of the patent drawing, the glass on the keyboard can be raised, contoured, or other traditional keyboard shapes, so as to facilitate the planning of different keys on the keyboard and facilitate users to obtain a more familiar The keyboard, because each key position of the traditional keyboard is spaced apart so that the user will type faster and make fewer mistakes.

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