Musk-led SpaceX raises another $250 million in equity

SpaceX, led by Elon Musk, disclosed in a filing that the company raised $250 million in a round of equity financing last month. So far this year, SpaceX has raised $2 billion in funding. The document did not specify the source of the funds but noted that the financing came from five investors.


SpaceX did not disclose changes in the company’s valuation. Over the past few years, SpaceX’s valuation has skyrocketed, and the company has raised billions of dollars for two capital-intensive projects, the Starship system, and the Starlink satellite internet.

In its last equity funding round in May, SpaceX reportedly raised $1.725 billion at a valuation of $127 billion. Moreover, SpaceX is working to get the Starship into Earth orbit for the first time. Earlier this week, Musk tweeted that the company was “maybe 1 to 12 months away” from successfully orbiting Starship.


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