OPPO smart TV K9x 50-inch will be launched on August 8th

OPPO  is known for disrupting the tech industry with its “value-for-money” products. The company’s strategy has always been to give the best paper specifications at a slightly lower cost. OPPO is advancing this strategy with its “smart TV” segment.


Today, OPPO officially announced that a new member of the OPPO color family has been added, and the OPPO smart TV K9x 50-inch will be released on August 8th. Moreover, this TV will be 4K resolution, 10bit color depth, and support Dolby Audio.

In April this year, OPPO officially released the K9x 65-inch TV, equipped with a 4K full screen, no ads at startup, the first launch is 2199 yuan, equipped with a MediaTek 4-core processor, provided with 2GB of memory and 16GB of storage space, supports dual frequency Wi-Fi. In terms of audio, the K9x TV is equipped with 2 units of 20W rated power speakers that support Dolby sound.


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