Microsoft offers Xbox Series S devs more memory to improve graphics performance

Microsoft recently released the June 2022 Game Development Kit (GDK), and the new version brings a lot of new features and improvements. While the release notes are mostly technical jargon for developers, the company also released a video explaining some of the planned performance improvements.


According to Microsoft, the latest June GDK will bring a memory performance boost to the $299 Xbox Series S console. The Xbox Series S is $200 cheaper than the Series X, which has stripped-down specs that also include a memory subsystem.

The Xbox Series X comes with 16GB of RAM (10GB @ 560GB/s, 3.5GB @ 336GB/s), the Xbox Series S has only 10GB of RAM, 8GB of which is 224GB/s bandwidth, and the remaining 2GB only supports 56GB/s. After the June GDK, developers of the Xbox Series S will have more memory at their disposal.

Microsoft said: “Xbox Series S developers can now use hundreds of megabytes of additional memory. This gives developers more control over memory, which can improve graphics performance in memory-constrained conditions.”

Speaking of graphics cards, the latest GDK also includes improvements to graphics virtual address allocation to take advantage of some recent enhancements in memory management techniques.


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