OPPO Find X5 / Pro and Find N opens ColorOS 13 test recruitment

On May 12 this year, OPPO released a preview version of ColorOS 13 based on Android 13 Beta 1, which was first adapted by OPPO Find X5 Pro and OPPO Find N; it was released in early July. ColorOS 13 internal beta based on Android 13 Beta 3.

Now, the public beta version of ColorOS 13 has officially arrived, and public beta recruitment has begun. Eligible OPPO Find X5 Pro and OPPO Find X5 users can already apply for the ColorOS 13 public beta qualification, and they can upgrade after the review is completed (expected 5 working days).


In addition, OPPO Find N has also started the recruitment of the ColorOS 13 internal test. The recruitment time will be from August 3rd to August 4th at 10:00, including Find X5 Pro (PFEM10, A.25, and A.27 are required), Find X5 (PFFM10, A.21 version is required), and the internal Find N. According to reports, there are still some incompatible banking apps, and then there are some probabilistic problems:

(1) Probabilistic desktop application icons are blurred (WeChat, QQ, Peace Elite, League of Legends, King of Glory icons, etc.)

(2) Probabilistic pull-down notification bar, the control center icon overlaps (only public beta)

(3) There is no clear notification button in the probabilistic pull-down notification bar (only public beta)

(4) The notification bar does not display QQ message notifications (only public beta)

(5) Probabilistically unable to connect to the bracelet (only public beta)

(6) The probabilistic NFC function cannot be used (both in public beta and internal beta)

(7) The automatic adjustment of screen brightness is not sensitive (only for the public beta)

(8) The desktop photo album widget cannot add pictures (only public beta)

(9) Background multitasking clears no prompt information (only public beta)

(10) The third-party global theme is not adapted (only public beta)

(11) Clicking the notification history in the settings will flash back to the previous level (only public beta)

(12) In the small screen state, the icon in the status bar will be blocked by the camera (only for internal testing)

Combining with the previous @Digital Chat Station revelations, OPPO Group will release the OPPO Watch 3 series and the official version of ColorOS 13 on August 10. If nothing else, the upgrade plan for OPPO and OnePlus models will be announced at that time, so stay tuned.

In terms of design, ColorOS 13 adds a world clock on the main screen to display clock information in different time zones; optimizes the card design, categorizes and integrates information, and improves the speed of information acquisition; optimizes fonts, and typesetting is more coordinated, and legibility is increased.

ColorOS 13 adds a new folder, one-step open applications in the folder, and supports sliding pages; new NFC college campus card, you can travel without a card (some colleges are supported); new double-click the power button to quickly display the health code; new Added media playback center to optimize the operating experience of the control center; added screenshot editing support for graffiti, and upgraded graffiti brushes; added support for adding cards to the desktop.

Providing more personalized information display and enriching desktop playability; upgrading Super Recording to version 2.0, Enhance search capabilities, supporting exporting graphic data; optimizing Xiaobu suggestion cards, and seamlessly interconnecting multi-scenario dynamic recommendation applications and services; optimizing mobile phone screen projection, supporting content adaptive screen projection layout, and screen projection and mobile phone use do not interfere with each other.

In terms of personalization, ColorOS 13 adds a variety of Omoji materials, supports setting contact avatars, and creates more personalized avatars; adds a time-based screen display, provides more personalized screen style settings; optimizes highlight moments, intelligently recognizes Recommend the wonderful photos in the video, export and save them to the album with one click; optimize the screen display of portrait painting, support a variety of brushes and line colors.

In terms of security, ColorOS 13 adds an anti-malicious induced installation application function, supports intelligent blocking of malicious pop-up windows and advertisements; optimizes private safes, adopts an advanced AES full file encryption scheme, and enhances the security of private files.

In addition, the new system has added a 5G dual-card dual-standby dual-pass function; upgraded LinkBoost to version 4.0, intelligently recognizes and improves multi-scenario network quality, covers scenarios with extremely weak network speed, and optimizes download speed; The ability to return to the ecology is convenient for third-party application access; the HyperBoost GPA frame stabilization technology has been upgraded to version 4.0 to achieve stable frame rates in key scenes and balance performance and power consumption.


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