Android 12: How to take a scrolling screenshot in your Android smartphone

Android 12 is equipped with many useful amazing features. One such feature is scrolling screenshots. This feature is one of the main features of Android 12. Each screenshot will be saved into a particular folder on your Android smartphone.

The capture More button permits you to take a screenshot of more than what it displays on the screen. If you use Android 12, you just need to take a screenshot in a supported app and choose the Capture more option. You can resize the screenshot and it can be made larger and scrollable.


You just need to follow the below-mentioned steps, to enable scrolling screenshots in your Android 12 smartphone

  1.  Locate the app, image, or webpage you like to take a screenshot
  2. Hold the Power and Volume Down button to take a screenshot.
  3. You can see the image in full-screen, or select the Capture more button. The last option will start the process of creating a scrolling screenshot
  4. After choosing Capture more, the screenshot and any content above and below will be prompted. You can edit the screenshot’s corner to make a bigger image
  5. After selecting the scrolling screenshot part, Users can edit the final screenshot.
  6. Tap on Save button at the top left of the screen
  7. Now, you can view the screenshot in your Android smartphone’s gallery App.
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