Window 11: How to enable Dark Mode

Microsoft’s latest operating system- Windows 11 is a bunch of new features. One such feature is Dark Mode. This feature makes the Desktop’s screen looks a little calmer. Dark Mode also saves our eyes from strain.

Windows 11 comes with a Dark Mode, but it is not enabled by default. Users have to go through a certain process to enable the Dark Mode options in Windows 11.


  • Right-click a space on the desktop
  • Select Personalize
  • Click on the color section
  • Now, choose your mode
  • Select Dark mode



Users can also select Custom from the Choose your mode menu, to open a special submenu that allows you to set independent Light/Dark settings for apps and Windows 11 itself.

This will be useful when in case you want to keep Windows 11 in Dark Mode but use apps in Light mode for color accuracy, readability, etc.

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