Apple iOS 15: How to invite anyone to a FaceTime call

Apple keeps on exciting us with its features. And now it’s FaceTime turn. Apple’s FaceTime has been throughout since 2013. It is such a useful feature, people can see the person sitting miles away from them, within a few seconds.

Follow these basic steps, to invite anyone to a FaceTime call.


  • Share a link to your FaceTime call
  • Tap New FaceTime
  • Click on add contacts
  • Then, you can invite by sending Messages




You can invite anyone to join in a FaceTime call, even those who don’t carry iPhones. So, If you are running on iOS 15, here’s how to invite Android users to FaceTime calls.


Step-1: Open the FaceTime app 

Step-2: Click on Create Link 

Step-3: A menu will pop up, which will allow you to share the link through various apps

Step-4: To join your call, tap the name of the call in the list

Step-5: Now, tap on Join 

Now all you need to do is wait for your friends to join the link and accept the call from their devices. Users will get the notification once their friends join the call. All you have to do is allow them to enter the call by tapping the green tick button.

You can also get the share link at a later date, by just tapping on the “i”. And then tap on the share link.  You can also delete the link if you don’t need longer.


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