Apple iOS 15: How to reduce background noise during FaceTime

Sometimes, we make facetime calls with our iPhone for professional use, and we often face situations where we have to deal with different kinds of background noise as per the environment we are in.

Luckily, iOS 15 has launched a voice isolation feature to filter or reduce the extra voice and makes it easier for the user to focus only on the main conversation.  Whether it’s the sound of appliances, fans, traffic, and more. With this feature, you will get cleaner audio without unnecessary sound.



Follow these below-mentioned steps, to enable this feature in your iPhone.


  •  Open Call
  • Click on the control center
  • Tap Mic Mode
  • Click on Voice isolation to make sure your voice comes through loud and clear

With this feature, you can easily filter background noise in iOS 15, even if you are in a noisy environment.

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