Apple iOS 15: How to move Safari’s address bar back to the top of screen

Apple keeps on making changes in its apps, features, and functions. Recently, Apple has made a lot of changes to its Safari App.

One of the biggest changes you will notice after installing the update on your iPhone smartphone is that the Address bar along with all of its features & functions has been shifted to the bottom of your iPhone’s screen.

The reason behind moving the address bar to the bottom is to make easier & rapid to get around Safari and browse the web as all of its buttons will be closer to your thumb. But it seems like that the new change won’t be ideal for everyone.


Apple gives you a choice by allowing you to shift the address bar back to the top of the screen. You just need to follow below-mentioned steps.


  • Open the Safari App in your smartphone
  • Visit any website.
  • Tap the “AA” in the left of the address bar
  • You will be prompted by a menu
  • Select Show Top Address Bar

Placing the search bar on the top of the keyboard may make more sense in terms of use. However, Apple is placing it on the top since many years, and sudden change have made users, slightly uncomfortable.


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