The OnePlus Sports App will make sure you know before the game starts. Or, if you missed it, swipe left on the shelf to see the final score and win details. Track leagues with tournament and upcoming game schedules.

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Recently, OnePlus has pushed out a new update for the OnePlus Sports App.

Download latest update of OnePlus Sports App:

OnePlus Sports App Features:

  • Quick Access

Add OnePlus Sports as the first card on your Shelf for the quickest access to live match scores and team updates!

  • Floating Window

With the floating widget, never miss out on an update. Keep OnePlus Sports floating bubble over apps and stay updated all the time.

  • Reminders

Set reminders for upcoming games and league stages. OnePlus Sports will ensure you’re aware before a match starts. Or if you miss it, swipe left to the Shelf to see the final scores and victory details.

  • Schedule

Keep track of leagues with the schedule of tournaments and upcoming matches. If there’s a game, you’ll know.


  • We recommend users install/update apps through official platforms like Google Play Store.
  • Install the App file at your own risk.
  • APK credits –


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