The ZTE Axon 40 series new product launch conference was scheduled for May 9. It still adopts the full-screen design of the front camera under the screen. Today, the imaging system parameters of the Axon 40 Ultra were officially announced.

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According to the official introduction, the Axon 40 Ultra is equipped with a 64MP custom superhuman main camera + 64MP custom ultra-wide-angle main camera + 64MP periscope telephoto main camera, which is officially called “3 × 64 megapixels that will never make up for its”.

Yesterday, the digital blogger @Panda verybald released a real picture of the so-called Axon 40 under-screen version. From the picture, you can see the screen effect of the device, and the under-screen front camera cannot be seen at all from an oblique angle.

 Ni Fei, President of ZTE Terminal Business Unit and President of Nubia Technology Co., Ltd., previously revealed that this ZTE Axon 40 series also prepared two “core” surprises for everyone. Judging from the poster, one of the two “core” surprises is performance and the other is safety.



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