According to the latest report, after Android 13 Beta 1, Google also released Chrome browser 101 today. Compared to last month’s Chrome 100 milestone, the Chrome 101 update still needs digging.

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Annotate saved passwords on desktop

Chrome 101 comes with a new experimental form for the desktop browser’s built-in password manager. When enabling the chrome://flags/#password-notes flag and restarting the browser, you can choose to add notes to saved passwords. 

Users can jot down additional context or details, such as when a password was changed, when an account was created, or answers to security questions.

Label group save

Tab groups are a neat productivity feature that helps you keep different sites separate from each other when researching topics or shopping, but so far, you can’t save just one group. 

Chrome 101 is looking to change this with a new flag currently being tested: chrome://flags/#tab-groups-save. Once activated, you can save your currently open set of tabs to the bookmarks bar, providing quick access without keeping websites open and consuming precious memory.

Experimental new download UI

Chrome is redesigning the download workflow more in line with other browsers. Instead of dumping downloaded files into the bottom bar, Chrome will hide them neatly in a menu to the right of the address bar in the future. 

The progress of individual downloads can now be viewed, and you can right-click items to do more, such as open them or abort the download. It’s all still hidden behind the chrome://flags/#download-bubble flag, so it’s still under development.

Other updates

Chrome 101 comes with an option that allows websites to forget previously connected USB devices. This provides a remedy for a long list of old, no longer relevant devices clogging up the workflow. Sites also have new options to generate window heights to optimize loading algorithms. 

Developers can also take advantage of new priority hints, which allow them to see which website resources are currently prioritized by a user’s browser. This gives you more control over which parts are loaded in what order.



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