According to the latest report, the Huawei MatePad 11-inch tablet computer began to push the HarmonyOS (C00E210R2P1) update, and the download package size is 1.22GB.

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The update log shows that through this update, you can connect some Huawei watches, bracelets, and MateView through HyperTerminal, and you can also connect smart screens and Bluetooth headsets at the same time to enjoy a private theater-like video playback experience. At the same time, the camera has added a multi-camera mode, and it is recommended to update it.


  • Added support for connecting with some Huawei watches, bracelets, and MateView. Just pull it together, easily realize interconnection and collaboration, connect the smart screen and Bluetooth headset at the same time, watch the smart screen, listen to the Bluetooth headset, and let you enjoy a private theater-like video playback experience.

[Camera Mode] 

  • Added multi-camera mode. During the shooting process, you can choose other mobile phones or tablets that support multi-camera mode as the lens to take wonderful pictures from multiple angles.


  • Optimize the fluency of some games Optimize the anti-mistouch operation experience of game scenes.


  • Incorporates the April 2022 security patch to enhance system security.

[Set up] 

  • The “Elderly Care” setting interface has been added to the auxiliary function so that you can complete the settings of related functions such as extra-large font and touch delay on the same interface.



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