With the release of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, the Ubuntu Kylin team officially released a new version 22.04 LTS today. 22.04 is the fifth Long Term Support (LTS) release after 14.04, 16.04, 18.04, and 20.04, and will officially provide technical support for 3 years.

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According to the official introduction, compared with the previous version, this updated version adds new functions such as displaying remaining charging time, complex touch gestures and operation animation teaching, system light mode setting, WeChat online login, and support for opening personal hotspots. 

Further optimized the display of the taskbar area, taskbar startup time, notification popup animation, and file manager sidebar level, and fixed known issues such as Ctrl+Q being unable to close the music program and the risk of memory leaks in burning applications.

In addition, this updated version is equipped with the  Linux 5.15 LTS kernel and the new UKUI 3.1 desktop environment by default and has fully upgraded a number of Kirin self-developed applications.

The latest Linux 5.15 LTS kernel – more compatible and more stable

  • Improved NTFS file system support;

  • New SMB3 file server (KSBMD);

  • Added temperature monitoring support for AMD Zen 3 based APUs;

  • ASUS ACPI platform profile support;

  • Improved support for Intel 12th Gen CPUs;

  • Merged Realtek RTL8188EU WiFi driver to replace previous Realtek WiFi driver.

New UKUI 3.1 desktop environment

UKUI 3.1 is based on the theme of “seeking light”, and introduces the design concepts of “large rounded corner design” and “light and shadow transformation”, which are fashionable and technological, and enables a new logo design to make the system more personalized and tasteful.

In addition to the theme update, the new UKUI 3.1 has also upgraded and optimized the system interaction experience, making your overall operation more comfortable, simple, and free, bringing you a new experience.

Comprehensive upgrade of self-developed applications

In the 22.04 LTS version of the operating system released this time, more than ten self-developed applications of Kirin, such as Kirin Calculator, Kirin Screenshot, Kirin Video, Kirin Recording, and Kirin Camera, have been fully upgraded, which not only enriched the application functions but also improved Existing functions and components have been optimized to further enhance your experience.

Installation method

1. At present, Ubuntu Kylin users and other Linux enthusiasts can download and install the Ubuntu Kylin 22.04 LTS version online through the Ubuntu Kylin official website or mirror site.

2. Users who have installed the official version of 20.04 Pro SP1 can update to the 22.04 LTS version by the following methods:

Open a terminal and enter the following command:

$ sudo apt update$ sudo apt upgrade$ sudo  do release upgrade  allow third party



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