WhatsApp’s users will soon be able to see messages through smart glasses

A few years ago, we imagined a world where people talk to watches. Today, there are dozens of smartwatches that support voice commands. According to a new revelation, WhatsApp users will soon be able to dictate messages through smart glasses, although most smart glasses are still concept devices and have not really entered the mainstream trend.

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According to a new APK teardown of the WhatsApp app, the feature could be coming soon. However, the feature appears to be tied to Facebook Assistant, which will be locked to Ray-Ban Story’s smart glasses. XDA-Developers found new evidence in the latest WhatsApp Beta

Users discovered a flurry of data suggesting WhatsApp is working on a feature that would allow users to dictate messages through the Facebook Assistant on select wearables.

Moreover, the new feature will allow Ray-Ban Story smart glasses users to dictate messages into the device’s microphone. It will allow sending commands to the Facebook Assistant. The smart assistant will send messages directly to friends on WhatsApp. So users can send messages on the go.

For example, a user can send/dictate a message while walking down the street or even driving. The teardown also revealed graphics with smart glasses and a WhatsApp logo. We expect the company to reveal more details soon.

This is a feature that may bring more usability to Ray-Ban Story. It clearly shows that Meta is trying to implement more exclusive features for its service. Users will not be able to use this feature unless they own this particular product and use the Facebook service.


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