According to the latest report, the OpenHarmony open source project is an open-source project incubated and operated by the OpenAtom Foundation. OpenHarmony is an all-field, next-generation, open-source, open-source smart terminal operating system, with the main code contributed by Huawei and co-constructed by a number of companies.

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OpenHarmony is building a terminal equipment ecosystem for the consumer market and industry market, providing a unified and integrated digital innovation basic platform for industries including personal consumption, medical care, finance, energy, industry, transportation, etc., which will cover the next generation of intelligent home, travel, sports Health, entertainment, office, education, social shopping, industrial production, and other scenarios.

Recently, the OpenHarmony community version release plan and feature delivery list for each version have been announced. Among them, OpenHarmony in the iteration plan completed the version test on April 13th, and the OpenHarmony version test was completed on April 20th. According to the plan, the OpenHarmony version test will finally be completed on August 30 this year.



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