Epic game store released next iteration of feature based on ‘My Achievements’

The Epic game store announced that it has released the next iteration of the feature based on the “My Achievements” launched in November. Epic Games users now have their own “My Achievements” area, allowing some of their stats to be displayed publicly.

In this regard, the Epic game mall official said: “The great Epic scientists have overcome many difficulties and achieved great victories through arduous scientific research efforts – your friends can finally see your achievements.”

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“As Epic folks, I’m deeply proud of the productivity at headquarters! It took us only three years to get the feature out .”

According to reports, the “My Achievements” function is equivalent to a trophy display box that integrates the function of the friend center. Players can use profiles to show Epic achievements and game progress to all users. When players click on the Friends tab, they can visit their friends’ pages and view their achievements and progress.

The following is the official introduction to the “Achievements” feature update on the Epic Games Store:

All users will have a profile icon showing their username initials. Users who visit your page will see in the upper right corner the number of achievements you have unlocked, the title of the game you have reached platinum, and your experience points.

Let’s go into more detail: the Achievements tab will show your progress for each game, listing the number of achievements you’ve unlocked, the games you’ve played recently, and whether you’ve reached platinum (unlocks all achievements). After clicking on any game, you can view the player’s achievements for that game.

The Friends tab displays all of your Epic Games friends in alphabetical order. If you have many friends, the list will be divided into pages. Just click on a friend’s name to view their page.

You have full control over the privacy settings of your account. For example, apply global settings to your account and limit who has access to your profile to one of four categories: public; friends of friends; friends only; self only.

When you set your profile to “Public”, all elements on your page are made public. Others can see your achievements, progress, and friends list. If you set your account to restrict access to only a few of the above specific categories, anyone who does not belong to the above groups will only be able to see your display name and avatar.

For players without parental controls enabled, their profiles are by default only viewable by friends of friends. For players with parental controls enabled, the default profile permission is “Only Me”. In subsequent releases, players will be able to customize the appearance of their pages and unlock additional customization options by interacting with the Epic achievement system.

Rating & Voting – Coming Soon

After you’ve played a game, occasionally a rating and voting popup will pop up in the launcher. Players will vote to answer a question with multiple options, or answer a question related to a game they just played with “yes” or “no”. 

For example, we will ask the player the following question: “How hard is this game for you?” and give the player one of four options to answer. Your answers to these questions will be displayed on the game’s store page for other players to refer to. As more people vote, the community’s overall ratings and suggestions can add up to help players understand what the game is about.

Players’ responses can enrich our category pages and generate more custom categories that will be displayed on the Epic Games Store home page.

Notification Center – Coming soon

The Epic Games launcher will send you various notifications. Such as friend invitations, wishlist notifications, and other pop-up notifications, which appear in different areas of the launcher.

Instead, we’ll be centralizing these notifications in a single notification center, and plan to start with social updates and wishlist notifications first. Eventually, all notifications will be displayed uniformly in the upper right corner of the store.


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