According to the latest report, the CEO of South Korean chipmaker SK Hynix said that its largest shareholder SK Square is considering mergers and acquisitions involving chip companies.

SK Square Co., Ltd. was established in 2021. It is an investment company established by the spin-off of SK Telecom, the largest telecommunications company in South Korea. It masters the non-telecommunications and technology sectors and focuses on investing in emerging high-tech technologies and semiconductors.

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Moreover, its subsidiaries include SK Hynix, a Korean semiconductor manufacturer, ONE Store, an app operator, and 11Street, an e-commerce platform.

“Investment proposals are being discussed from large-scale companies to small-scale companies,” SK Hynix co-representative Park Jung-ho (representative of SK Square) said at the annual general meeting held on the same day.

Furthermore, SK Square, which owns 20.1% of SK Hynix, is preparing to invest 2 trillion won or more in the next three years, as well as establish a joint investment consortium with other investors to invest. It is mainly concentrated in the fields of chips and blockchain.



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