Samsung has recently launched its Galaxy S22 series smartphone equipped with Android 12 based One UI 4.1. This series smartphone is a performance-packed beast that means business. It offers some of the best features from Samsung that help you in managing your daily life. One of those features is Samsung Calendar which helps you to manage your schedule by entering upcoming events in your planner.

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Managing a calendar is one of the best things to do to organize yourself. It helps you to write upcoming things, important dates, events, birthdays, meetings, and many more. And the Samsung Calendar app has everything you need to organize in your diary. It allows you to add events, set reminders, and even sync other calendars to stay on top of your routine.

In this article, we will tell you how you can add accounts to the Calendar app on your Samsung Galaxy S22 series smartphone.

How to add accounts in Calendar:

Step 1: On your device, to add accounts to sync with, launch the Calendar app.

Step 2: Then tap the More Options button.

Step 3: Then tap the settings icon and go to manage calendars.

Step 4: Then tap the add sign. Then, select an account to sync with and sign in. When an account is added, a blue circle will be displayed next to the account name.


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