Apple iOS 15 tips: How to add portrait lightning in camera on iPhone 13

Apple’s iPhone 13 comes loaded with new, innovative, and fun-to-use camera features. And The Portrait mode is one of the best features that it offers. The Portrait mode is a shooting mode available on your iPhone’s camera app. That allows you to apply a depth-of-field effect to help you keep your subject (people, pets, objects, and more) sharp while creating a beautifully blurred background. And it also allows you to apply and adjust different lighting effects to your Portrait mode photos.

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In this article, we are going to tell you how you can add portrait lighting in portrait photos on your iPhone 13.

In the Portrait mode, you can use the Portrait Lighting feature to apply studio-quality lighting effects to your Portrait images. It allows you to choose from options such as Studio Light to brighten facial features, Contour Light for more dramatic directional lighting, Stage Light to isolate your subject in the spotlight, Stage Mono for stage light in a classic black and white, or High-Key Light Mono for a greyscale subject on a white background. You can also take a Portrait mode photo with a real-time preview of the lighting effect on your screen.


How to add portrait lighting to your portrait image:

Step 1: On your device, open the Photos app, then select the Portrait mode photo you want to change.

Step 2: Then tap Edit. and choose Lighting effects that appear in the bottom part of the photo.

Step 3: Then Swipe the lighting effects to choose the one you want.

Step 4: After finishing, tap Done.

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