Xiaomi launched a new Mi 12 series and MIUI 13 and other new products, as well as a new system font MiSans. MIUI 13 uses this new system font MiSans.

According to reports, the MiSans pen is straight and powerful, with a simpler design, reducing visual burden, and is more conducive to screen display. MiSans contains 29,093 characters and supports multiple languages.

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In addition, MiSans also provides a variety of OpenType functions, which can select different forms of characters according to specific needs. For example, some punctuation marks can be automatically adjusted to a suitable position according to the form of surrounding letters.

Moreover, MiSans has complete font weights, clear levels, and all 10 font weights are open for download for free commercial use.

Font function call and realization

Font-feature belongs to the advanced typesetting function in Opentype, that is, it can make the typesetting of fonts more refined and meet the actual design and development needs.

Different font forms can be selected according to specific design requirements. Most software can access this function through the Opentype panel. (Some features will not take effect by default in MIUI system applications)



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