TrendForce said in its latest industry insights that it is estimated to ship 51,000 units of LCD monitors equipped with mini LED backlights in 2021, with Samsung taking the lead with a market share of 58%. It is estimated that the shipment of mini LED LCD monitors will only reach 65,000 units in 2022, with an annual growth rate of 27%.

Moreover, according to data from TrendForce, there are currently only three sizes of mini LED displays on the market, namely 49 inches, 31.5 inches, and 27 inches. The 49-inch market share reached 58%, the 31.5-inch market share was 39%, and the 27-inch market share was 3%.

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Among them, the 49-inch is exclusively provided by Samsung, and other models such as Dell and Asus have been launched. TrendForce said that the price of the 31.5-inch mini LED model is 4-8 times that of the LED panel of the same size. The current price is high and the product has just started, and the market size is relatively limited.

Moreover, many manufacturers have already released mini LED displays on the market. The price of the 576 partition backlight model is lower, which can be won at 4,999 yuan. The price of mini LED displays with more than 1,000 partitions is higher, and the professional model can reach 19,999 yuan.



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