Nintendo Switch’s sales surpassed100 million units: Report

According to the latest report, Nintendo Switch had sold 1,314,674 units in the week as of December 18, and it is currently estimated that a cumulative total of 10,072 million units have been sold.

So far, Nintendo Switch has successfully become the seventh console platform that has sold more than 100 million units. The other platforms are PS2, DS, Game Boy, PS4, PS1, and Wii.

Moreover, in Nintendo’s 2020 fiscal year report, the total sales of Switch in 2020 will be 84.59 million units; and from the financial report for the first half of this year, the total sales of Switch have reached 92.87 million units.

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Furthermore, the sources data shows the current sales of Sony PlayStation 5 are estimated to be 541,390 units, and lifetime sales amount to 16.68 million units. Xbox Series X|S sold 459416 units, with lifetime sales reaching 11 million units.

PS5 sales dropped by nearly 174,000 units compared with PS4 in the same period in 2014, while Xbox Series X|S dropped by nearly 67,000 units compared with Xbox One in the same period. As of the week of December 20, 2014, PS4 sales were 715,000 units, and Xbox One sales were 525,948 units.

In addition, Sony’s PlayStation 4 sales are estimated at 25,608 units, Xbox One’s sales are 12062 units, and Nintendo 3DS’s sales are 303 units.

Sales of Nintendo Switch dropped by 205,762 units (-13.5%) compared to the same period last year, while sales of PlayStation 5 increased by 167729 (44.9%), and sales of Xbox Series X|S increased by 140,998 units (44.3%).

Overall, PlayStation 4 sales decreased by 150,477 units (-85.5%), Xbox One decreased by 95,130 units (-88.8%), and 3DS decreased by 4,855 units (-94.4%).

From a week-on-week perspective, Nintendo Switch sales increased by nearly 67,000 units, PlayStation 5 sales increased by more than 133,000 units, and Xbox Series X|S sales increased by nearly 81,000 units.


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