New leak reveals Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro will come with a Sony IMX707 sensor

Lei Jun and Xiaomi Mobile officially announced today that the Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro mobile phone Sony IMX707 will be released in the world. Adopting a 1/1.28 inch ultra-large bottom, 2.44um fusion large pixels, 49% increase in light input. 

“This is currently one of Sony’s top sensors, Xiaomi’s internal code name: [Ye Xiao]. “Ye Xiao Camera + Ye Xiao Algorithm”, the main attack: night scene color restoration”.

According to the revealer, this CIS is a small facelift of IMX700, and the parameters are still 50mp 1/1.28″ 1.22μm. The main cameras of these two new devices have been switched from Samsung to Sony, with more emphasis on experience.

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Moreover, the IMX707 sensor specification is equivalent to the IMX700 RGGB takeaway version, with no noticeable performance difference. Because it is a Quad Bayer and supports full-pixel Dual PD, the large pixels after the four-in-one is the so-called “eight-core focus.”

Furthermore, the Mi 12 series will be released on December 28, including Mi 12X, Mi 12, Mi 12 Pro, and other models. Among them, Mi 12 and Mi 12 Pro are both equipped with a new generation of Snapdragon 8.

In addition to dynamic performance scheduling technology, Mi 12 Pro also supports a sliding speed change function, which can accurately synchronize the sliding speed of the finger and dynamically adjust the refresh rate.

Besides, the Mi 12 Pro is equipped with a second-generation low-power 2K screen and uses four power-saving technologies, including new E5 light-emitting materials, second-generation LTPO materials, Mirco-Lens microprism technology, and intelligent dynamic refresh rate technology.


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