According to the latest report, Android 12 introduced the Bluetooth LE Audio API for the first time to support this low-power communication standard. According to the latest code submitted to the AOSP project, Android 13 is expected to fully support Bluetooth LE Audio.

A user named Mishaal Rahman found that Google has added support for the LC3 codec for Bluetooth A2DP in the system developer options, which is the type of codec used by Bluetooth LE Audio. This audio coding method can ensure that high-quality audio can be provided even at a lower bit rate.

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Moreover, the LC3 encoder uses low-power synchronous channels (LE Isochronous Channels) for data transmission and uses new middleware to provide and control audio content. This technology can make true wireless headsets more energy-efficient and extend battery life.

Furthermore, the Bluetooth LE Audio audio standard was launched as part of the Bluetooth 5.2 specification during CES 2021. Prior to this, this specification was only allowed for data transmission and did not support audio. 

This technology is compatible with true wireless headsets, and supports Bluetooth broadcast functions, using one transmitter to send audio to an unlimited number of receivers. This can make use of Bluetooth sharing technology to provide users with voice explanation services in museums and art galleries.



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