Strategy Analytics has now released the latest global 5G mobile phone market research report. According to the data, in Q3 of 2021, global head resources are still in the hands of Apple and other companies.

Moreover, Xiaomi’s 5G smartphone shipments remain the same as the previous quarter, Samsung’s 5G smartphone shipment share continues to grow, and Huawei and other manufacturers’ shipments continue to grow substantially, while the former Huawei belongs to the “other” category.

Ville Petteri-Ukonaho, Deputy Director of Strategy Analytics, said: “In Q3 of 2021, Samsung successfully surpassed OPPO to become the world’s second-largest Android 5G smartphone manufacturer.

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After consecutive negative growth in shipments in the first three quarters, Samsung has resumed its growth momentum. Samsung has a product portfolio at multiple price points and is benefiting from strong demand for its smartphones in multiple regions.”

Wu Yiwen, deputy director of Strategy Analytics, revealed: “Honor is the fastest-growing Android 5G smartphone brand in Q3 2021.” “Honor 50 5G, 50 SE 5G, and 50 Pro 5G are the main 5G smartphones in the quarter.”

Ken Hyers, Director of Strategy Analytics, said: “Although Xiaomi’s global 5G smartphone shipments increased significantly in Q2, its shipments in Q3 of 2021 remained the same as the previous quarter. In addition, Samsung’s recovery has weakened Xiaomi’s ability to grow in Europe. OPPO is growing rapidly in China. Under the double attack of Samsung and OPPO, Xiaomi’s demand for 5G smartphones will slow down significantly in Q3 of 2021.”



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