Lexar announced that it has launched a new version of Hades DDR4 memory, the default frequency increased to 3866MHz and 4000MHz. This series of memory is equipped with a gray heat dissipation vest, embedded RGB light strips on the top, and supports XMP 2.0 one-key overclocking technology.

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Moreover, Lexar Hades Blade DDR4 memory provides a single 8GB, 16GB, 32GB optional, previously only supported 2666MHz, 3200MHz, 3600MHz. The appearance design of the new product is the same as the previous version, with 8 high-brightness LED lamp beads on the top.

Furthermore, the Lexar Hades Blade DDR4-3600 version is priced at 589 yuan for the 8GB×2 package and 969 yuan for the 16GB×2 package. Lexar also released the “Armor of the God of War” DDR5-4800 memory, this product also has a gray heat dissipation vest, currently only available in a single 16GB version, the price is as high as 1599 yuan, temporarily out of stock.

Besides, The “Blade of Hades” DDR4-3866/4000 MHz is temporarily not available, so the price is unknown.



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