According to the latest report, people in the industry chain revealed last week that TSMC’s 3nm process technology has begun trial production and will be mass-produced in the fourth quarter of next year. Apple is equipped with TSMC’s 3nm process. The end products of the foundry chips of the process will be launched in 2023.

Moreover, the industry chain news also shows that the executives of chip manufacturer Intel will visit TSMC in the middle of this month to discuss the foundry of 3nm process chips.

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With many manufacturers such as Apple and Intel paying attention to TSMC’s 3nm process, the production capacity of TSMC’s advanced process technology after mass production has also attracted much attention, and it will directly determine how many manufacturers can obtain the capacity support of the 3nm process.

Regarding the capacity of TSMC’s 3nm process technology, sources pointed out that in the first stage, the monthly capacity of TSMC’s 3nm process is expected to be limited to 40,000 wafers.

The 40,000 wafers are only the monthly production capacity of the first phase of TSMC’s 3nm mass production projected by sources. It has not given TSMC’s production capacity expectations for other stages of this process.

In September last year, sources reported that TSMC’s 3nm process has prepared 4 waves of production capacity. Most of the first wave of production capacity will be reserved for their large customer Apple for many years. The next 3 waves of production capacity are expected to be used by Qualcomm, Intel, Xilinx, Nvidia, AMD, and other vendors.



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