Xiaomi released Xiaomi smart door lock 1S, with new color

Xiaomi launched the new Xiaomi smart door lock 1S, with a new “frosted gold” color scheme. Today, the Xiaomi smart door lock 1S in matte gold and carbon black is officially on sale in all channels, with a price of 1,099 yuan.

Moreover,  Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 1S uses 3D semiconductor fingerprint recognition and has a financial-grade Swedish PB fingerprint detection algorithm. The fingerprint recognition part covers the sapphire cover, which is more wear-resistant. According to the official, the accuracy of fingerprint recognition can reach 98.7%.

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Furthermore, the fingerprint lock supports long-term valid passwords, as well as periodic, one-time temporary passwords. The NFC sensing area of ​​the door lock is integrated with the keyboard, and it can be unlocked by using a Xiaomi bracelet or the like close to it. The product has a new electronic doorbell function and supports voice reminders linked to Xiaoai speakers.

In addition, this door lock needs to install 8 AA batteries and can last up to 18 months; the emergency power supply port is Type-C, which is convenient for unlocking when power is lost. It should be noted that the door lock only supports Bluetooth gateway connection and needs to be used with products such as Xiaoai speakers.


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