If your device supports the latest Android 11 operating system, you are lucky because you have experienced some of its features. An interesting feature of Android 11 is the “chat bubble“, which works like Facebook Messenger.

This is very useful for you if you are chatting on different applications at the same time. After enabling this feature, you don’t need to access any specific applications, you will be able to reply to messages immediately.

How to enable chat bubbles 

Step 1: First you need to make sure that the chat bubbles option is enabled in the settings. Just go to Settings and type bubbles in the search bar. Tap on Bubbles and enable it.

Step 2: Then go to Apps & notifications.

Step 3: Tap on “See all apps.” You then need to visit the messaging app you want to enable the chat bubbles for. Once you open the app, go to Notifications > tap on Bubbles > All Conversations can bubble.

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