How to use wireless power sharing feature in Samsung Galaxy S21?

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S21 devices all offer reverse wireless charging which Samsung now calls wireless power-sharing.

The feature itself isn’t new Samsung originally launched it on the S10 range and reverse charging is available on a number of other devices too now but you might be wondering how to use your Galaxy S21 to charge your smartwatch.

What devices can be charged using the Galaxy S21?

Any device smartphone or wearable that supports Qi wireless charging can be charged with the Galaxy S21.

This includes Apple iPhones from the iPhone 8 and newer, any Android device with wireless charging, as well as Samsung’s Galaxy Buds, or the Galaxy Watch 3 for example.


1.From Quick settings, tap Wireless PowerShare to enable this feature.

2.With the phone face down, place the compatible device on the back of the phone
to charge. A notification sound or vibration occurs when charging begins.

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